Samtsi Dronta



Samtsi Dronta (Male of Dronts in russian) was a Shoegaze / Dream pop / Experimental band formed in the late 80's in Izhevsk - USSR
The first rehearsals were about noises made on detuned guitars and cheap soviet synths while listening to cassettes of Clan Of Xymox, Cocteau Twins, Coil, Psychic Tv and Dead Can Dance in the cinema booth where worked Konstantin Bagaev (from "Legkoye Delo Kholod", another cult soviet experimental band). In 1990 the line-up consisted of Maxim Fedoseev and Anna Lebedeva. Concerts happened infrequently and the band recorded some tracks in 1992 ("Cassandra" and "Croquet") and 1993 ("Wild Child"). Also a music video called "Sumerki" (Twilight).
During early 90s various musicians joined and left the band (Vasily Agafonof (ex Stuk Bambuka v XI chasov), Alexandr Merzlyakov) and finally was left a duo of core members Maxim Fedoseev and Anna Lebedeva. In late 90s they disbanded. Maxim Fedoseev started other projects and Anna Lebedeva started a media career. This is the band's first release on vinyl, remastered from the original recordings. This is a very limited edition of 200 copies. 160gr vinyl. Co-released with XII Chasov records from Russia. Only 100 copies available per label
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