aSpiritual, from offthesky (Jason Corder) and Rin Howell (Psychic Secretary, Luxury Hearse), is comprised of four meditations, which are described as ‘reflections on spirituality, energy, and change’. Singer and oboist Howell and experimental sound artist offthesky both call Denver, Colorado, home. But their real home is located in an entirely different dimension, invisible to the eyes but still having the power of ultimate expression, and undeniably existing in our shared physical reality, and that home lies within their music. What one finds in aSpiritual is mystical music, introspective notes rising up like smoke, able to bewitch listeners with its casting of seductive spells, some kind of magic existing and exiting through the music
The voice is the medium through which all other sounds pass; it’s the primary sound, and without it, the music would feel faint and unable to reach its true potential. Lyrical interpretations are left up to the listener, with an open-ended nature inclining towards the infinite in its possibilities, and making the music feel entirely subjective
Packaging includes 1 x vintage (circa:1878-1958) hardback clothbound book (re-assembled / book binding taped together into CD covers, 15-20 pages of writing / images, 20 x A7 polaroid prints on luxury uncoated paper (designed by Craig Tattersall), 1 x stamped library card, 1 x vintage photograph, 1 x vintage book-mark, 1 x vintage numbered photo negative resting inside original waxed bag, 1 x vintage 35mm slide (hand written / numbered - South Devon), 1 x reel to reel 35mm film, 1 x incense, stamped / hand numbered / scented, all of the above rests inside glassine bags, made with love...
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