The 5th Apple



Marble vinyl, handnumbered and signed
‘The 5th Apple’ is the debut album of sound artist Alina Kalancea, produced at Störung Studios between 2017 and 2018. The album is both a deep spoken word within an impressive sound structure whilst also being a multilayered sonic composition complimented by profound introspections. The way string instruments, field recordings, voices and other sources have been intimately utilised to enhance the profundity and power of the spoken word is remarkable. The truths exposed, the fears revealed, the images created with text, all appear more incisive, more definitive, more compelling. On the other hand, the insight and understanding the texts profess provide meaning to the sound sequences. The hypnotic loops receding into the background, the deep and pulsating reverberations, the water dropping frequencies, the disturbing and unsettling string sounds become spaces where what has been conveyed or what it has awoken in ourselves can unfold, or recede into the unknown
It is an impressive journey, along which sound artists Alex Gámez (Asférico), Julia Kent and Raven Bush have collaborated, producing astonishingly rich sonic environments and venturing into inner abysses, fears and repressed emotions on the way. If we listen close enough we will find an incredibly elaborate and meticulous sound composition with remarkable subtleties, layers and sonic nuances, if we plunge deep enough we may find the prowling fictions which stand in the way of life and could even discover some liberating truths
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