Canti E Vedute Del Giardino Magnetico



Modern classic masterpiece from 1975
"Canti E Vedute Del Giardino Magnetico" has to be considered the Alvin Curran's most lyrical collage, scored for for tape, voice, flugelhorn, synthesizer and tape of natural sounds (wind, high-tension wires, frogs, beach waves, etc). "Though I have been making music for some time, "Canti E Vedute Del Giardino Magnetico" is for me like a first piece. It marks a radical departure from the previous 7 years of experimental and collective music making with the group MEV and it signals my beginning in the strenuous role of a solo performer-composer
I recorded and engineered (often while playing) by myself, using Schoeps condenser mics, an AKG D 224 (flugelhorn) and an RCA 77 DX (voice) into a mixer by Livio Argentini and a Revox A 77. Instruments heard in order of appeareance are: Synthesizer (SYNTHI A), Amplified cymbal, my voice with glass chimes, flugelhorn with Harmonicas and jews harps and the voice of Margherita Benetti singing an Emillian folk song. On side 2: synthesizer with African thumb piano (Kalimba), metal chimes and corrugated plastic tubes" Alvin Curran
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