Blue Navigator



Reissue with booklet
Every long life has its phases. Blue Navigator straddles the transitional between Michael Hurley’s Vermont house-sitter phase and his Virginia eight-track tape repairman phase. During the former, he’d string together low or no-rent residential situations, and venture into towns like Winooski on occasion to play with bands that’d have him. The combo accompanying him on this LP bring a sprightly, pre-country-politan twang to his sly, true tall tales, which make it a great introduction to Hurley’s skewed world view
But it’s actually been pretty hard to score, since the master tapes and Rooster Records’ back stock burned up in a fire in 1987. Since then, it’s been reissued on CD in a couple east Asian nations, and on eight track tape, a choice that tips its hat to where Hurley went next. In the late 1980s he settled for a spell in Richmond, Virginia, where he acquired a reputation as the town’s best repairer of eight track tapes. Feeding Tube’s reissue marks the first time that Blue Navigator is back on vinyl since the Rooster Records barn burned down
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