Requiem For The Boundless Flesh



Fivefold seven inch comes with solid black wooden box with laser engraving, 700 gm black cardboard with gold letterpress hand numbered in 308 copies and postcard. Once again Controlled Death, with his new title Requiem for the boundless flesh, has raised the bar for the field of Urashima releases. A truly astounding piece of work. Grab it while you can! An absolute must!
Controlled Death is the dark-side project by the Japanese noise legend Masonna that started with Symphony For The Black Murder as first official work released in April 2018 in a vinyl edition of 199 copies. The activities of Controlled Death are like archaic revival to the music experience before Masonna. You can also find the pathology image of the early industrial period and the shadows of Vienna activism such as Hermann Nitsch. The existence and art that pierces through conspicuous consciousness and dives to areas of unconsciousness due to death and pleasure
Controlled Death's incredible new work is released on a fivefold seven inch. Ten new tracks, to be precise ten requiem (Rè-quiem carnem I – X), between five and six minutes each for a total duration of almost an hour. The selection of the format is perfect for this composition: the analog support highlights the lo-fi recording and the choice of seven inches allows you to listen to the same song several times, or more songs without a preset order. Thus was born Requiem for the boundless flesh, a pulsating panorama of screams, Korg MS20 MK1 and EMS VCS3 The Putney synthesizers with the addition of the grand piano, electric guitar, tape and effects. Each piece is a short sound vignette, which fills the air with its otherworldly beauty and goes away with the same speed with which it arrived, where the presence of the Viennese master always hovers
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