The Night Hag



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What if two exceptional artists team up for a unique collaboration to give you their own, personal interpretation of sleep music? Slaapwel is very honoured to present you The Night Hag, a 33 minute piece composed and performed by Kreng and Svarte Greiner. Pepijn Caudron aka Kreng is a composer for movies, video games, dance and theater productions. He has been the in-house composer of the Belgian surrealist horror-theater company Abattoir Fermé for more than 10 years. Svarte Greiner is the solo guise of Berlin based Norwegian Erik K Skodvin
Working mostly with darkly painted soundscapes through bowed guitar, effect-pedals and a varied sound making tools, his music and live performance can be seen as something of a time stopping cinematic experience. He also runs his own label, Miasmah. Be warned: The Night Hag is an album about sleeping and of course you can use it to fall asleep with. Yet Kreng and Svarte Greiner are not your typical lullaby makers or Slaapwel artists.Inspired by the phenomenon of sleep paralysis the duo created a fascinating and, eh... paralyzing piece using sustained piano (Kreng) and miasmachine (Svarte Greiner).But don’t be afraid. Just lie down, take a look at Chris Hefner’s beautiful artwork and close your eyes. It’s sleeping music, but not as you know it
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