All Is Memory



All is Memory is another delectable slice of ambient drift from Hotel Neon. Music is a window to the soul, and on All is Memory, the ambient trio look out upon the world with melancholic, but appreciative, eyes. Brothers Andrew and Michael Tasselmyer are joined by Steven Kemner for what feels like a retrospective as well as a renewed understanding of life, how it’s comprised of memories and made up of moments which come and go. Looking back is a natural, ingrained part of the brain’s wiring, and one cannot help but retreat into the past upon occasion. All is Memory not only recalls these treasures, but it opens up the floodgates for them to come surging into the light
Made by hand, 2 x CD, 2 x window CD covers, 1 x vintage snapshot photo pack (contains old photos) (Circa 1928-1959), 1 x rare Kodak (red border) 35mm photo slide from family travels, 4 x vintage family photos (Circa 1918-1953), 1 x vintage 16/35mm reel to reel film strip, 1 x vintage photo negative (Circa 1930) 9cm x 6cm, 1 x negative numbered wax bag (Circa 1930), 1 x vintage (Circa 1936-1957) hand written family letter, 20 x A7 polaroid prints designed by Craig Tattersall, 1 x A6 double sided print designed by Rafael Anton Irisarri, 1 x incense stick, all rests inside stitched / sealed Japanese wax bags
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