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Fantastic piano compositions meet an electronic sound panorama: Colors by Christopher von Deylen (Schiller). On his Colors album, the visionary sound artist turns his attention to the piano for the first time and explores musical worlds that move easily between melodic piano miniatures and electronic sound panoramas. The artist – whose previous releases have achieved multiple gold and platinum awards – withdrew into nature to create Colors: “Part of the album was created on my tour at the beginning of the year. The primal power of nature fascinates me and has helped me to round out the sound on Colors.” On Colors, von Deylen translates this profound power into forceful sound paintings, developing a new, poetic sound brimming with energy and full of longing
CD 1: Colors Fantastic piano compositions meet electronic sound panoramas. 10 new tracks in transparent analogue sound. CD 2: Colors LIVE 80 minutes of epic soundscapes in extended live versions + 4 exclusive tracks. Blu-ray Disc The sensational concert from the acclaimed "Piano + Electronics" club tour + a 60-minute artboard loop + studio performances of two tracks + an exclusive live track
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