Black Lake



180 gram gold vinyl with obi strip
Previously issued in Poland in 2017 on the Requiem Records imprint as a CD only, "Black Lake" gets the vinyl treatment here. "This is a slightly dark, ghostly, and nearly religious noir-fi, full of orchestral progressions, field recordings, gloomy soundscapes, and shuffling noise. The eight compositions are of cinematic quality, evoking nocturnal whispers which echo their nostalgic cries."
Bartosz Dziadosz may need some introduction, as although he has been extraordinarily prolific over the past 15 years, most releases have beared his Pleq moniker and not his given name. He was a founding member of the international ambient/modern classical ensemble, The Frozen Vaults. In addtion, he has collaborated with offthesky, Segue, Giulio Aldinucci and Hakobune to name a few. He is also curator for the Russian ambient label, Dronarivm and studied at the Univeristy of Silesia with a major in Philosophy. Tomasz Mrenca is a Polish violinist, composer and music producer, creator of music on the border of ambient and experimental music . He is also a member of the international group The Frozen Vaults . Together with Tomasz Bednarczyk, he created the Venter music project. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
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