Hearts Full Of Sorrow



We continue our journey with another beautiful "Book Editions" presentation...
Once again the concept explores fragility and lost love... This time round focusing on expeditions from times past. Old books have once again been dissected and reassembled to present a something new. "Hearts full of sorrow" brings a collection of vintage books and old dusty photographs that capture the theme of the album perfectly! The design also features polaroid prints, hand numbered / stamped nautical explorer maps and book-marks that all rest inside stitched glassine bags. Once again, this is very limited... only 150 copies for the world! Each copy is completely unique and different from the next
This set includes: 1 x vintage (circa:1890-1955) hardback clothbound books that have been re-assembled / screwed/bolted together into CD covers, each copy also includes 10-15 pages of writing / images, 20 x A7 explorer prints on luxury uncoated paper designed by Craig Tattersall, 1 x A6 double sided print that contains poetry from Emmanuel Witzthum, 2 x finger print CDs, 1 x stamped / hand numbered library cards, 2 x vintage family photograph, 1 x vintage book-mark, 1 x nautical explore map (stamped), 1 x incense, stamped / hand numbered / scented, al of the above rests inside stitched / sealed glassine bags, made with love...
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