Psalm of Solum



Psalm of Solum shimmers like sunshine over morning dew. Offthesky describes Psalm of Solum as being "an ode to earthen things", and the music is as fresh as a daisy. Recorded in the spring of 2020 while tending to and working with the earth – tilling, gardening, shaping, and landscaping – Psalm of Solum lives in a peaceful coexistence with nature. The pleasant, glistening ambient sounds float in and around the greenery, running like a stream, its watery tones of wellbeing flowing through a path of least resistance. Unobscured notes bloom and gently swell in volume, and the music breathes in time and in tune with the natural world
The music is also an intensive, physical work, mirroring the hard labour required from the outdoors, and it isn’t necessarily a leisurely pursuit, because a lot of time has been spent cultivating these sounds, shaping them to be as smooth and as relaxing as possible. There is much joy to be found in growth, in the breaking of the soil and the baby shoots and leaves that spring up, and the music is always developing
Nature opens her eyes in the spring, and the record is a part of its fruit, shaping and influencing the music while dressing the trees with a sprinkling of May blossom. Offthesky has produced an Edenic soundscape, a garden where rest is possible and respite is attained. Psalm of Solum is outdoor music, coloured in shades of green
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