The Greatest Nots



Marsicoditrapani consists of Maurizio Marsico & Stefano Di Trapani, vinyl housed in gatefold sleeve and 140gr black vinyl. All this is contained within an eye-catching extendable cover illustrated by Enrico Infidel D’Elia and Simone Tso. Inside you can find a record telling you about everything you’ve missed over these years of pointless sound existence. Amen
Together they created The Greatest Nots, an encyclopaedic crib sheet of what was, is and will be missing from Italian music. A Hahnemann-esque project where forty years of splinters of Italian music have been diluted and dynamised. A homeopathic process carried out by two alchemists who are totally unaware of the processes that led to the creation of the homunculus, settling for just his hearing apparatus and his hypothalamus. Like modern butchers, they offer us the rotten meat of Italian music, blood and fat to feed the proletariat crushed by contemporary simultaneity
Everything is so that everything returns, in distorted yet fascinating and obsessive forms. Things that make the “newness” we’re drowning in look like the sludge extracted from the sewers of a modern psychiatric facility. Nothing will be as it was before because what there was before never existed
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