OZ Days Live 1973



Very limited reissue of the classic and now impossible to find "OZ Days Live" double LP by two Japanese psych legends issued in Japan in 1973. This album is a compilation, one side for each band - on the Taj-Mahal Travellers side, the group is a stripped-down three-piece, making for a more minimalist sound than that created by the seven-member line-up on the first LP or the eight players on the 1974 double LP. What we get here are two hazy, droning tracks with the second, an all too short dream-like raga for violin and electronics going a long way towards justifying the existence of this particular release
The longer first track has Kosugi sketching short waves of melody from his violin over a liturgical-like vocal murmur, closer in sound to the incredible drone-document of his Catch Wave solo LP than the other Taj Mahal Travellers recordings
You have to spend +$1000 to grab a copy of the original one so here's now your chance to own the reissue for a more affordable price
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